Chair: MURATA, Kumiko (Waseda University)

Vice-Chair: HINO, Nobuyuki (Osaka University)


The JACET Special Interest Group (SIG) in English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) was established in April 2016 to build on the basis of research conducted by the ELF research group at Waseda University, and interested researchers and teachers throughout the world. It serves a network of people responsive to ELF use, ELF-related research, and associated pedagogical implications. Together, we aim to 1) enhance ELF-related research, 2) encourage teachers and administrators to consider implications of ELF in their contexts, and 3) contribute to the education of present and future English language teachers. We invite educators and researchers within JACET to join us in better understanding ELF and exploring ELF-related research in education in Japan.


English is increasingly used worldwide as a lingua franca to connect people of different linguistic backgrounds, as opposed to the traditional view of English associated with a community of native speakers. Given this situation, we must urgently seek to further and deepen our understanding of ELF. This includes how ELF is used in the globalised world, what English skills are needed for ELF communication, how we can teach ELF in Japan, and how English teachers, both future and current, should be educated to include ELF-informed teaching and learning in their curriculum. We face a need to reconceptualise English education, by moving away from the traditional way of thinking, according to which it is modelled only on British and American English (i.e. Inner Circle Englishes). Instead, we must provide our students with more ELF-aware learning opportunities in order to prepare them for active participation in multilingual, multicultural interactional scenarios.

Committees (AY 2018-2019)

  • Planning & Steering Committee: Kumiko Murata, Nobuyuki Hino, Leah Gilner, Tomokazu Ishikawa, Daisuke Kimura (from 2019), Mayu Konakahara, Sayako Maswana, Yoko Nogami, Ayako Suzuki, Miyuki Takino (& those who are in charge of the following committees)
  • ELF SIG Secretariat:
    • Officer: Mayu Konakahara
    • Support Officer: Yoko Nogami
  • Public Relations:
    • Officer: Tomokazu Ishikawa – SIG and JACET Kanto liaison
    • Officer: Yasuhiro Fujiwara – JACET liaison
    • Officer: Leah Gilner – ELF ReN liaison
  • SIG Journal Editors:
    • Co-editor: Yoko Nogami
    • Co-editor: Mayu Konakahara
  • Accounting / Budget:
    • Officer: Yukako Nozawa
    • Support Officer: Ayano Shino
  • Administration of the Members’ List & Mailing List:
    • Officer: Ayako Suzuki
    • Support Officer: Tomokazu Ishikawa
  • JACET ELF SIG Poster Creators:
    • Officer: Miyuki Takino
    • Support Officer: Paul McBride